What are people saying about Classes & Sessions


Palmira Mercado, October 2019

!! You will understand of what I speak of once you have a ThetaHealing or Reiki Session with Beth Newman.

In a short period of time of meeting and then taking Thetahealing classes with Beth, I feel like I have known her for many years, many lifetimes!!

Amanda Jones, October 2019

Beth Newman has changed my life in a most positive way.  The  classes and teachings have completely ignited and freed my soul.  I would recommend sessions, classes and all events.  Every gather has been most enjoyable and a wealth of information to aid and evolve :)

Paige Riley, October 2019

Beth is such an amazing soul!  With her guidance as my Thetahealing instructor my life has done a complete 180.  So many of myself limiting beliefs have been released and I am now welcoming abundance in my life.

Sheri Knowles, October 2019

Beth is an Amazing teacher, she is straight forward and compassionate and she knows when you need additional information, almost before you do.  Beth taught me how to make permanent positive changes in my life and the lives of my family and clients.  I recommend Beth to anyone looking to expand their positive energy knowledge and experience.

Gail Banks,  July 2018

Beth Newman introduced me to an amazing experience “Baby in the Womb.” The purpose was to assist with emotional healing, bringing up past self-limiting beliefs and issues.  One of the issues I had been experiencing was with my son & family. The “Baby in the Womb” experience guided me to my higher power, through meditation, which I believe initiated my granddaughter’s decision to have lunch with me the next day.  I had no contact with her for 16 years and had a lunch date with her brother and when I met him, my granddaughter had decided to join us. We hugged and cried and for me, it was a dream come true. Thank you so much Beth! ❤️ 

Heidi Poland, September 2019 - Beth is amazing. She has helped me a few times with family trauma as well as with concussion symptoms most recently. Her caring ways as well as her commitment to healing is top notch! love her 💕

Amanda Jones, 7/30/2018 Baby in the womb. 

When my mother was pregnant with me she had problems. I was almost lost in gestation and was born early. I never felt bonded to her. I always felt un wanted. My sister affirmed that I wasn't wanted every chance she got. We are 10 years apart in age. I latched on to my aunt's, grandmother and father. Mom died from a horrifying battle with breast cancer when I was about 14. I blocked her from my mind. To me she was the mother that didn't want me and left by death when I probably needed her most. When I had my baby in the womb experience I felt a release of all fear and discomfort when I was in the womb. My mother did want me she was anxiously waiting to meet me. She held me after birth loved me nurtured me. She gave me a knowing that she did the best she could while she was here. That she loved me unconditionally and that she has been with me all along. I've felt her all around me on and off since. Its feels wonderful so much love. Also a few days after "baby in the womb" my sister and I agreed to a fresh start after not speaking for 3 years. I am so thankful for the experience it has been monumentally freeing of false beliefs and heavy density.

Thank you so much Beth for all you do. Please use my story anytime you like. Love and light to you. . . so much joy and thanks 


Laura Mccoy03/04/2018 03:24    I had a great Theta session. Beth listened to my concerns and used several techniques to meet my needs. I will definetly schedule more healing sessions.

Jekaterina Baranova10/02/2018 22:45    Amazing Theta Session!!! Russia

Carina Goosen07/02/2018 18:12    Amazing Theta session, Fantastic stuff, Soooo cannot wait to start my new life with the blockages gone😆😄😃 Thank You So Very Much Ms. Beth🙏 Truly appreciate your time👏 helping others, you are having an amazing very special gift and good 💜 🤗 South Africa

Graham Connolly30/05/2018 13:33    Beth was able to get right into details of childhood, birth and other areas came up during the Theta session that I did not share but were pertinent for my healing. Wonderful heart, supportive and gives unconditional love in her sessions. Strongly recommend having a session with her.

Diane Herrick 06/02/2018 00:11    I had an amazing theta session with Beth. The one issue I had in mind to work on ended up weaving into a few more beliefs systems. At the end of the session she shared what cards were pulled ahead of time and were spot on during the healing and what I had been experiencing during the week. I felt much calmer and had more clarity moving forward. Such a wonderful gift of Beth sharing her bright light 💖

Jane Redlon20/01/2018 15:13    My Theta session was great! Beth was fantastic and genuine, and I left the session feeling like myself again. Can't wait until the next time.Beth has helped me to understand that there is more to the universe than just the physical world I see in front of me. She has taught me to look inside myself for my answers and to listen, feel, and see, that we are all energy that we can work with our own energy and the energy of others to help heal. Not only ourselves but everyone and everything we touch around us.  She is always there to answer a question or give a gentle nudge to you when needed. Beth has opened a new world to me and I thank her so much for this. 

Laurice Ducharme- When I met Beth Newman for the first time I knew she would be a big influence in my life and that I had met her just when I needed her guidance the most. I have many natural talents that I didn’t have the confidence to use. She showed me who I am and who I am meant to be. Beth introduced me to a whole new world I had yearned to be a part of but didn’t know how to be, or have the courage to pursue for myself. She has introduced me to a whole new group of peers I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Thanks to Beth, I have gone on to become  a practicing Reiki Master!  With Beth as my mentor there’s a whole Universe of possibilities! I have in return helped, healed and guided people and I look forward to continuing to learn with her near my side, teaching me, encouraging me, gently guiding me but still letting me learn and figure things out for myself. I am grateful that Beth is not just my mentor, she is my friend.   

Heather Russell -  My teacher Beth Newman..... My life had a void. Beth Newman walked into it and filled it with the light and love. Beth is an amazing woman and teacher. She offers a direct, no nonsense, kind of love and acceptance. She knows when to offer guidance, and when to let you figure it out on your own. She has helped facilitate a reawakening in me that leaves me forever grateful.  

Sparky Lindsey  - As I grow in my spirituality and connectedness, Beth has been a knowledgeable and gentle mentor. Beginning with Reiki 1 and 2, she has helped me make connections to others in the community who feel spirit as I do and are vessels of love and openness. I truly value her perspective and respect her experience. She lives her work and is an example of spirit's manifestation of love on earth.  

Linda Connelly - Beth is an open hearted teacher that strives to provide loving knowledge, guidance and helpful tools for her Reiki Community and students. Her loving support has helped me with my individual Reiki growth in discovering the ongoing beauty and wonder of the universal life force energy and pure light which we call Reiki. 

Diane Herrick 💜❤️💖   - Beth has been an instrumental mentor and friend during my spiritual awakening. Being there every step of the way listening, guiding, and healing.  Beth shares her many gifts through facilitating community reiki share and variety of metaphysical workshops (many stemming from request/intrigue from community and students). Just being around Beth's energy and vibration is extraordinary.