Psychic Classes


Psychic Awareness Class

4 consecutive weeks $150.00

 Join Creator/Source and me to help you remember your gifts that you brought with you in this timeline. These gifts are your birthright.

You will enhance and strengthen your psychic and mediumship gifts, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and others.

We will work with meditation, readings and a multitude of exercises, using tools and techniques to help you in your process of opening up your gifts. You will be practicing daily during each week for the next class. 

This class is for those who are seriously interested in taking their healing and facilitating to another level! This will be hands on, with the whole class utilizing skills right from the beginning.

I’ve been blessed to have many mentors and teachers, and I have received beautiful tools and techniques that have changed my life in many ways.

The class has a limited class size. If you want a friend to come, feel free to invite them. Each participant must pay in full to be registered since class is limited.  

An additional meet up on a Saturday to introduce you to the Advanced group and work together to see there amazing process as well.

I am grateful for you to be a part of my journey and also to be a part of yours. 🙏😇❤️

Reservations required



I learned how to feel into my chakras more accurately and how to look at the details in life around me more symbolically. It has informed my reiki practice and my overall relationship with my life. ❤ JR

I’m interested in moving forward to development circle. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be in the class for sure. It helped me refocus my energies, thoughts, etc. in a wonderful way. JY

I have learned the difference between psychic and mediumship. The exercises that were given have greatly improved my balancing and clearing. I felt the class was wonderful but short. More time would be nice but I feel it was definitely more than what I paid for. 🙂 The practice exercises were a wonderful experience I truly enjoyed the people and the setting. I think the class was executed wonderfully and would not change a thing. I believe I did receive the tools to move onward to a better understanding of my gifts. I absolutely would recommend the class. I would take a next level class if one was available. AJ psychic classes intuition classes

Intermediate Psychic Mediumship Class


Intermediate Psychic Mediumship Class

4 consecutive weeks $150.00

Pre requisite: Basic Psychic Awareness

The workshop offers advanced insight on mediumship and using your gifts. This intermediate/advanced mediumship development workshops. It is an opportunity to practice with others your psychic/mediumship skills to gain confidence.

We will build on receiving messages clearly and work on becoming confident in the process of giving those messages in a clear and loving manner.

Additional skills for your toolbox in understanding psychic and spiritual communicating for validation. We will review on how to protect yourself from the effects of psychic mediumship in the body.  

I am grateful for you to be a part of my journey and also to be a part of yours. 🙏😇❤️

Reservations required