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I'm about finding your inner self your unique soul path and moving forward with the energy within and around you. I have a passion for  Community & Humanity and desire to facilitate healing energy everywhere that supports the Collective of All. 

I would  be honored to support you in your journey of uniqueness and beauty with unconditional love, peace and alignment in the energy of this NOW time.

Spirit has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. It has brought me pure JOY to listen and learn from Spirit.   I opened up to energy when I was 8 years old.  I had Aunts that used laying of hands on my little sister who was ill, which peeked my interest immediately.  I was only allowed to watch at that time but enjoyed holding my hands out to them as if I was sending my energy at the time not realizing what I was actually doing was Reiki energy.

When I was taught ThetaHealing and started using it in my healing practice I knew I  had to Teach ThetaHealing®.   I have seen the benefits not only for humans but for animals and even in the garden plants, we can utilize our gifts everywhere!  

ThetaHealing works on the 7 Planes of Existence where healing can start on all levels.  It has changed my life and the lives of many around me for the better.  It has given me great inner peace and wholeness on many levels.

I offer  classes and sessions online, privately and I offer specialty workshops and mentoring groups as well.  I can travel to your home, place of business or we can meet at my healing oasis. 

I empower individuals to go within to receive answers and to remember their gifts. I have a passion for Humanity and I want to bring healing energy everywhere and in every way.

For more information, please contact me at:  EvolveInYourEnergy@gmail.com

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Beth is an Amazing teacher, she is straight forward and compassionate and she knows when you need additional information, almost before you do. Beth taught me how to make permanent positive changes in my life and the lives of my family and clients. I recommend Beth to anyone looking to expand their positive energy knowledge and experience. Sheri Knowles

Beth Newman has changed My life in a most positive way. The classes and teachings have completely ignited and freed my soul. I would recommend sessions, classes and all events. Every gathering has been most enjoyable. A wealth of information to aide and evolve. Amanda Jones


Beth carries deep intuition, wisdom and a skill set born of many years of development. As a ThetaHealer® she works with Creator to make shifts quickly in people's lives, including my own. I turn to her often for insights, and have appreciated her immensely as a teacher. Most importantly, her heart is at the center of her work in the world. I highly recommend Beth's practitioner services, as well as any event that she offers. 💜Helena Nash

There is a knowing in meeting Beth Newman for the first time. In turn I was able to understand much more in my spiritual path. With all of my researching I have been seeking for many years, Asking What else is out there?
You will understand of what I speak of once “You” have a Theta Healing or Reiki sessions with Beth Newman.
In a short period of time of meeting and then taking Theta Healing classes with Beth, I feel like I have known her for many years, many life times!!
Come and make an appointment with Beth Newman and “Evolve In Your Energy”!! 💜🙏 Palmira Mercado